Chunky chick flashing big breasts and ass

We got a chunk load of amateur pictures of a sleazy BBW for you today and she’s hot as fuck. As an avid viewer of My BBW GF posts herself, she likes to take selfpics while wearing her tight tops or skimpy underwear and take them off eventually then share these hot images for chunky babes lovers here on She used to be shy and embarrassed about exposing her naked body but because of the sleazy chubby hotties she’s seen here and knowing how much confidence they got in putting themselves out there to be fantasized about, there’s no stopping her now from doing the same.

See, she does have the looks to go with the yummy body and we all love ’em extra meaty. And here she is with her first batch of kinky photos, doing slutty poses while in a tight tank top, which made her juggs look way bigger than they really are. She gives her twins a nice squeeze while selfshooting with that shaven twat exposed too. It’s an automatic thing for her to go down on all fours like a horny bitch, wanting some rough doggystyle fuck any time of the day, and she’s shown in this gallery quite clearly that that’s what she would want from you.

Pretty sure you can’t say no to such an invite especially if that massive ass is only a few inches away from your face and your boner is pointing straight in between this plumper’s huge butt cheeks. Grab that ass hard and give this chunky skank some deep and rough thrusts that could send her screaming in delight, making those big funbags swing in all directions. Enjoy all her pics here and come back for new ones soon!

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BBW secretary gets her cunt eaten on a desk

If you get horny even in a work place and you get lucky by knowing there is actually someone who has been fantasizing about going kinky with you and making your very own amateur video even, My BBW GF caught the perfect scene that’s been playing in your head for quite sometime now.

Here is one slutty plumper who likes feeding her lover her nice juicy cunt while spreading her legs on the office desk and keep the video rolling, catching every bit of ecstasy that her blushin’ chunky face is emitting with probably every flick of the tongue on her clit this lucky jock is doing between her inner thighs. It must be so darn humid in there but this man isn’t going to stop pleasuring this wild chunky babe since they know people will be watching their hot video as soon as they are done with their dirty office break. Oh, this chubby naughty slut doesn’t just go into her wild side mode during breaks tho because there have been recorded videos of hers, which where taken while some of her colleagues are having a meeting and she was called upon.

That was so hot that she was caught with a pubic hair stuck at the corner of her mouth while she was busy adjusting her stockings from under her mini dress. This chick has an appetite for sex as plump as her body, so don’t underestimate her innocent looks when not in hardcore public action. You’re probably about to spill some hot load now from watching this BBW getting her pussy eaten so we’ll leave you to wash up after. Check back here on for more steamy chunky bitches soon.

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Naughty BBWs flaunt their massive breasts

You like them big and juicy, My BBW GF got the perfect photo collection of amateur chubby babes with breasts that will surely eat your throbbing cock whole. This pic gallery is filled with naughty plumpers flaunting their bouncy funbags whether they are wearing something skimpy or showing them bare. But of course we got more of the latter because we only choose the wild ones to share here on Everything is big and meaty and yummy.

Sounds like something you eat and yeah, these amateur BBWs have so much for us to play with and grab, squeeze and nibble on, plus the fact that their butt cheeks alone can choke our cocks and make them spray loads of cum in just a few strokes. These naughty chunky chicks with their massive breasts and ass are always huge on surprises when it comes to being naughty in the bedroom. They like it rough and hard because unlike those skinny chicks you fuck deep, you need to go easy on them for the fear of breaking them in half with your thick hard cock. The kinky BBWs in these photos aren’t going to beg you to go gentle on them so you have to give them all your energy especially if they are on top of you and humping away.

Everyone likes something soft and huge to hold on to when fucking, more so when it’s one hell of a rough ride, so it’s just fitting that you crave for these plump babes to fulfill your thirst for something wild and hardcore. Check out the full picture set of these BBWs here and enjoy those gigantic mounds and have fun jerking off to these plump cocktease bitches.

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Kinky chubby hottie flashes massive breasts

If you love boobies, well, I guess everybody does! Then you got to watch this new steamy amateur video of a BBW babe who will give you the meatiest and juiciest of funbags. is proud to have this webcam slut who enjoys popping those mounds out from her tight tops and reveal what you came here for.

If it’s not the huge fine ass, of course you’ll go for the best twin peaks there is, some round and big titties. Only your perverted minds would know what nasty stuff you wanted to do with these huge juggs but there’s one thing we are sure about, this video of our My BBW GF hottie will make your dick stiff fast and you’ll find yourself squirming in your seats while you reach orgasm and spill man juice all over the place. She’s done other homemade videos, she says, and those are nothing compared to this full one that she has for us today. She was so shy back then and would only wear white sleeveless tops and wet herself under the shower to reveal the breasts underneath her shirts but now she wanted to go all the way, tops-wise, and show her twins in their bare glory.

She’s pretty proud of her assets and her fans here in our site boosts her confidence to love her chunky body more. So you need not wait any longer because here she is, showing what she’s got, and all you got to do is watch and drop by every now and then for a whole lot more of wild plumpers waiting to please you.

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Naughty amateur plumper strips naked on cam

We all know what we’d find when looking at pictures of black honeys. It’s all about the massive ass and plump breasts and these are only the petite or slim-sized girlfriends I’m talking about. But here in My BBW GF, the women are up-sized and you’ll be seeing twice or thrice as much skin and meat when these extra large babes expose their naked selves.

Just like in this hot photo collection, this amateur chunky skank like to tease her boyfriend by flaunting her juicy ass and huge funbags. Plus, she never fails to spread those legs and reveal her wet fat cunt. She doesn’t like being apart with her lover especially on cold rainy days because all she could think about are the times they fucked rough and kept each other’s bodies warm for an entire day. So this is her way of keeping the flames alive, by sending her boyfriend naughty pictures of herself so he would want her more and be with her at the soonest possible time. She imagines his throbbing cock between her huge juggs, fucking them hard as her mouth sucks the tip of the shaft and gives it a nice lick and nibble. This makes her man cum so hard and quite fast and it gets her so horny just thinking about it.

Spreading her thick legs and playing with that hairy moist pussy, all she could think of is her BF’s stiff tongue flickin’ hard on her clit, which makes her squirm and beg for him to stick that boner in right away. This is one BBW skank and it shows in these photos. You’ll be wanting more so better head over often to not miss these wild chunky chicks always up for a good time.

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BBW scene bitch strips naked and masturbates

My BBW GF likes to surprise our visitors every now and then. And this means, we throw in some steamy amateur videos of these chunky chicks who are somehow different from most of the submissions on the site. Perfect example is this featured homemade video of a BBW cunt who is also a feisty emo, which you don’t get to see often. She obviously is the type who’d like to bring something different to the table and this makes her extra hot. So aside from her previous videos where she hasn’t changed the color of her hair yet, she wanted this particular show to be wilder and to show her sultry persona while playing with herself on the bed.

She started off by teasing a little while stripping naked to reveal those massive tits, which hang like over-sized melons on her chest. She then touches and caresses her cunt until she gets wet and started rubbing and fingering. She likes having an audience because this fact makes her wet fast and it gets her horny easily so she had her boyfriend watching at the corner of the room while he does his own playtime, stroking his cock. This naughty BBW isn’t new to sharing her sex tapes but it’s a first to have her here on She fits in the pervy community perfectly and she should send us more of her kinky stuff soon. But check out her full clip right here first and enjoy watching this chunky babe masturbate until you feel your cock ready to explode on her huge and juicy breasts.

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Horny plumper strips naked and plays with cum

If there are a lot of you who drools over those Barbie-type kind of honeys having all the ‘perfect’ curves and surreal breasts and butts, there are those who fantasize about these amateur chubby girlfriends at just the same amount of excitement when looking at what people may typically call sexy nowadays.

Here in, it’s the plus-size dolls that get the royal treatment and you will see why in these photos. This naughty plumper need not fit in in those ridiculously tiny skinny jeans or look awfully boring and flat in a bikini because she’s the kind of woman you want in bed when you need the biggest tits and ass to grab and hold on to. Pictures of the chubbiest and probably heaviest naughty bitches who enjoy showing their massive funbags, meaty ass, and wet fat pussies you can find here in My BBW GF.

And looking at this photo set will give you reasons why you must keep on coming back for more. This amateur BBW doesn’t just strip naked to display her goods, but she wanted to tease her audience by showing just how much she enjoys getting sprayed with sticky jizz all over her body. She’s a slutty swallower too so she never wastes her lovers’ cum especially when these lucky jocks get to pour every single drop of their juice straight into this chunky babe’s mouth. Aside from spreading some jizz on her huge breasts to make them nice and slippery, titty-fucking gets easier and messier, in a fun way, so she’d always beg for that hot load. Be sure to check out the rest of her pictures here and stay tuned for more of our wild amateur plumpers ready to please and satisfy you.

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Horny blonde BBW sucking on her boyfriend’s boner

You came just in time for another big edition here on This featured amateur chunky bitch is one of those emo types who find more excitement in kinky sex when her nipples are pierced.

She says it has probably the same sensation as when horny dudes put cock rings on their boner. This homemade video is an instant hit with her pals and her boyfriend because it’s the first time she dyed her hair blonde. It’s her partner’s ultimate fantasy and you can only imagine how horny her boyfriend got the moment she showed him her strawberry blonde locks while fondling her pierced juggs. This naughty BBW wanted their video to be perfect so she prepared her looks and accessories to complete the long overdue fantasy role play. She gets extra nasty when she rides her BF’s stiff dick but watching My BBW GF videos where fatty bitches like herself give pleasure by sucking on throbbing boners, fortunately was on her menu for today.

She’s hungry as fuck for some meaty cock and she knows she would be humping it after giving her lover hot head so she opted to make this naughty blowjob video for us first. She brags about how easy it is for her to make her man’s dick stiff and make it stay that way for hours while they enjoy banging around. But all her hard work would always be given a prize and it’s like her favorite dessert after eating the main course, her BF’s stiffy. She’s a swallower and this is an added bonus to her already super wild nature. Seems like everything is huge with this fatso. Plus, a huge appetite for hardcore kinky sex.

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Naughty naked BBWs posing sexy on cam

We got a new steamy edition of amateur plumpers here on and every single photo will surely satisfy your craving for chunky babes. Hand-picked by your fellow BBW-loving pervs, we know exactly the types of these chubby bitches who would stir your fantasies pretty good. So, as you can see in these pictures, they’re ready to give you the pleasure you came here for. While some of them enjoy teasing by spreading their legs and showing off that juicy twat, the rest like to do their thing and play with themselves while doing sleazy poses too.

All these My BBW GF hotties enjoy displaying their plump naked bodies and they’re not the types who would hide underneath plus sized clothing. They are actually the ones who’d walk around their homes in the nude and would playfully take a lot of naked photos and, yes, show them to the world. This picture gallery shows just how much fun these chubby girlfriends are having while they tease on cam by exposing their massive breasts and hot twats. It looks like they’re always in the mood and game to play with whoever find themselves tending to some stiff cock while viewing these naughty snaps. Pretty sure that one of the things you like to do with these BBWs is to bang those huge breasts or fuck their pussies deep from behind while grabbing those meaty ass cheeks.

Doggystyle fucking is always a favorite when having sex with these chunky bitches because all you gotta do is stand there and hump away without worrying of pushing too hard and knocking the fatso down. Besides, letting these BBWs ride your cock might get a bit dangerous if they get carried away fucking your shaft with all those weight.

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Kinky BBW films self while pussy-playing

It’s not everyday that you get to see an amateur video of one wild punk  chunky babe so we here at make sure that you get to experiencing watching an entirely different show each time. If you are into alternative hotties and fatty girlfriends, this featured video is perfect for you. Getting cozy on a cold rainy evening, this naughty GF decided to give her online lover a hot cam show.

She started off by slowly stripping naked and giving her massive breasts a squeeze while touching herself and making her pussy wet. This amateur hottie loves the cool weather that rain brings and this gives her the reason to get some fire going by playing with herself. But of course she wanted to do this more when she lets her BF watch. At times while masturbating, she likes watching her boyfriend on cam while playing with his throbbing cock too. She enjoys this even better when they can hear each other moan but she can only to this freely when she’s alone in the house.

Good thing she’s been home alone for the past days while her folks are on a vacation and probably making their own naughty fuck videos. Well, that’s for a different site but it won’t hurt fantasizing what the oldies could possibly doing in bed, you know, for some inspiration. A lot of them are into wild swingers’ orgies anyways. This My BBW GF find will give you something to jack off to, just watch her full video right here and you’ll know what we mean. She aims to please, both herself and her viewers, and we’re pretty sure you’ll come running back for more of her soon.

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